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This week’s Meet a Mom feature is Billie Garrene, owner of Fit4MOM South Bay.  Fit4Mom offers group fitness classes for every stage of motherhood (prenatal and postpartum) and every fitness level.  Billie recently took over ownership of the local Fit4Mom South Bay location after joining classes herself when her son was a few months old. Billie really saw the need for moms supporting moms, and she wanted to build and be the place moms could find that community!

Read more about this special mom below!

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

I have one son, Benny (Benjamin) right now. He is 16 months old. I hope to have more in the near(ish) future.


What are your favorite local things to do with your kids?

My favorite local thing to do on the weekends is Stroller Strides on Saturday morning! I love to get out with Benny and get a great workout WHILE spending time with him. We also love anything that involves running, climbing, and exploring our neighborhood and beyond!


What do you like about living in the South Bay and why did you decide to raise your family here?

I was born and raised in the South Bay, moved back after college, and never left   I’m very passionate about preserving the charm of this beautiful area and raising my children here.

You recently took over ownership of Fit4Mom Southbay.  Can you tell us about the company?

I found Fit4MOM South Bay when my son was a few months old. I was longing to find a workout that I could bring him along with, and to find a community of women in the same stage of life – Fit4MOM checked these boxes. Fit4Mom is founded in community and finding strength in motherhood. We offer group fitness classes for every stage of motherhood (prenatal and postpartum) and every fitness level. We offer all kinds of modifications so you can get the BEST workout for where you are that day or in your fitness journey. We are moms so we get it when you come to class with spit up down your back, you haven’t slept or talked to an adult in HOURS. We get it and we meet you where you are and support you in your fitness and life!

Our most popular class is Stroller Strides® . Stroller Strides® is a total body strength, cardio, and core workout for the prenatal woman, post-partum mama, toddler mommy, and beyond!. We also offer mom-only class called Body Boost. We also have a Run Club+ that is session based for every level of mother runners to train for a 5K, 10K or half marathon. All of our classes offer so much more than just a workout!


What is your inspiration behind Fit4Mom?

The inspiration behind taking ownership of Fit4MOM South Bay was simply because I wanted to be more involved with an amazing community of women and feel more connected to other mothers in our area. I saw the need for moms supporting moms, and I wanted to build and be the place moms could find that community!

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

While it hasn’t been too long, taking over Fit4MOM South Bay has already been a huge blessing in my life! Being a first-time mom comes with so many blessings and beauty, but also many emotions! I wasn’t prepared to feel lonely and scared at times, but having the community to fall back on during hard times has been so important for my journey in motherhood.


How do you juggle work and motherhood?

I don’t think I do… LOL. I just do my best every day to make sure my son is my priority. After that, everything else falls into place. Although, don’t get me wrong, I never quite feel like I’ve done enough either as a mom or for work every day!


What is your best piece of advice for another mom?

I still feel new to motherhood, so I’m not sure I’m the best to answer this – but I know that it’s so important to remember you aren’t alone and to rely on your community in times of loneliness or struggle. And that the sun will always come up tomorrow 🙂 

For more information on Fit4Mom South Bay or to sign up for classes, please visit this link.

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