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Meet local home organizer, Jocelyn Stuart, and learn how she views home editing as a way to improve your overall health and lifestyle! 

Jocelyn Stuart’s first profession was in the beauty industry as a hairstylist, including work in TV and film. In 2006, an interior designer saw her curated home and suggested she start a career in professional organizing. Back then, home organizing and the whole trend of “tidying” was not quite as popular and well-known as it is now.  But Jocelyn used her passion of encompassing a holistic approach to home organization to establish herself and grow her clientele.  It wasn’t just about having perfectly labeled plastic containers and a perfectly arranged closet, it was about the process of editing all of the stuff in the home and helping clients learn to live with less – choosing what you need versus what you want.  

After years of juggling careers in both the hair industry and the home organization industry, she launched Jocelyn Stuart Home Editing in 2018.  Since then, Jocelyn has gone on to work with busy professionals, moms, expectant parents, empty nesters and people moving across state. Often her clients are faced with big transitions and Jocelyn is there to make those transitions easier.  We asked Jocelyn to share a bit more about her business:

What is your approach to organizing? 

This is a great question! Everyone’s homes and lives are so busy. Most people are confident they can tackle organizing projects on their own but never do. My approach is about simplifying the process. It’s overwhelming pulling everything out of a space to sort through on your own. All projects begin with a good EDIT, and to be honest, we all have too much stuff. I help CLARIFY where you are and where you want to be. Then we EDIT by subtracting items that no longer serve you. Lastly, we ORGANIZE each space with your specific vision, goals and needs in mind.

What areas do you find people struggle with the most?

Closets and wardrobes are areas most people struggle to keep organized. We only wear 20% of our clothing, but we keep buying more rather than knowing how to put outfits together with what we already own. I love helping clients Shop their Own Closets. Another area is kitchens. They are the heart of the home and we use them for everything including homework, art projects, cooking, socializing, etc. Good systems are essential in a kitchen. I tell everyone, think of your utensil drawer-it’s pretty much always organized because you only put your silverware in there.

Do you have tips on how to keep organized?

The biggest tip I have is don’t try and organize your whole house in one day or even two days. Start with one room, one drawer, and see how far you get. It’s important to clarify what areas are continually unorganized or cluttered. And again, it starts with the EDIT. Another tip is to invest in a professional organizer; it’s a gift that keeps on giving. We know how to create systems and solutions that are sustainable. Let’s face it, who has the time-or the skill-to organize their own home? In a day our team can make dreams come true! 


What’s your “rule” around organizing?

My biggest rule is to put it back where you found it! Not later, not in a day, but right after you use it. People who are unorganized spend hours trying to find something they misplaced or waste money on buying an item they can’t find. Happy texts from clients telling me they are thrilled with having everything in order and easy to manage are the highlight of my profession. I’m a believer that less is more, and I know after a session with me clients feel the same way. 

How has becoming a professional organizer influenced your journey through motherhood?

Motherhood is this amazing journey where your home is taken over by tiny people! And it’s beautiful, exhausting, all consuming and filled with chaos. Becoming a mom definitely brought my profession into full throttle when I needed to create balance and some semblance of control.

My youngest son has ADHD (keeping things neat is very challenging for him).  When he was younger if I didn’t have systems set up to keep him organized, things would easily fall into disarray. All kids, but especially those with ADHD, tend to do better when there is routine and predictability in their lives. I know I drive my family a little crazy with my organizing, but they absolutely benefit.

Ironically, after a long day of organizing someone else’s home, I come back to my own house invigorated. I can’t wait to get my hands on my own closet or kitchen after I see the impact I have on other people’s lives.

How can home editing improve my overall lifestyle/health?

I believe that decluttering your physical space is a crucial part in creating space for a more intentional lifestyle.  It can impact people on so many levels- physical, emotional, and mental.  Being so inspired by my work as a home editor, I am currently in school for Integrative Wellness.  I now have so much first-hand experience seeing how editing and organizing spaces can enhance your overall well-being, I am inspired more than ever to help my clients reach those goals!

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