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Meet Your New Neighbor

We’ve seen how friends become family and how a preschool is the perfect setting to make more. Whether it’s to grab a coffee, schedule a playdate, or plan a vacation, community is at our core. As a new parent or a parent of many, Piper is a place to share worries, seek advice, and celebrate the wins. The decision to share these intimate years of your child’s life with us isn’t taken lightly. We’re humbled by that trust and can’t wait for new families to join our community.


The Way Way Back

Piper’s founder, Crystal Free, began her career by working in Admissions at Brentwood School. It was during this experience that she saw a need for quality preschools in Los Angeles. She came home one day with an idea and drew floorplans on a napkin… literally. A year and a half later, we opened our doors. We now have four campuses… Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Manhattan Beach.

“Beginning with a play-based setting and gradually introducing traditional school-readiness, inquiry over instruction serves as the through line of our approach. We see children as competent, value curiosity, and empower confidence. With that, we also view our faculty as professionals – not caregivers – and equip ourselves not only with the education to offer a resource to parents, but also with a platform for professional growth. 

We have been creating schools since 2009, with each one feeling like home. Our environment is designed as a bridge between school and the comfort of your child’s home, and lends itself as a space for parents to build community. We know how big of a decision it is to share these years with us, and just really love welcoming families.” 

– Crystal Free, Founder and CEO

The Piper Philosophy

Piper believes that children are capable, competent, and creative learners.
It’s amazing what happens when you believe in a child. Implementing their idea, listening to their thoughts, and problem-solving with (not for) them not only shows them the respect they deserve, but also unlocks a lasting confidence.

We value inquiry over instruction.
Instead of telling children how to do something, we help guide them as they figure it out. They have the answer. And if they don’t, they build resiliency and the courage to keep trying.

We value process over product.
Saying “good job” or giving a “gold star” stops learning in its tracks. Instead, we motivate the love of learning by focusing on a child’s effort. The process is rewarded, not the product.

We value delayed gratification.
Our children live in a world where things happen instantly. By incorporating project planning through age-level language, we practice patience, avoid distraction, and develop long-term thinking skills.


Community at our Core

Piper is built around community, evidenced by our beautiful community room dedicated to parents. We love when you stay and want you to feel like you belong. While we don’t require it, we encourage your participation in the classroom, too. We want you, along with our children, to feel at home.

Piper Curriculum

Beginning with an emergent curriculum, children are gradually exposed to components of traditional education as they progress through the school. For instance, we implement aspects of Montessori into our math program. Math and spatial awareness are essential skills for children to develop. In Montessori Math, this process is facilitated by working with materials that start from the concrete and gradually move to the abstract. The materials are arranged from simple to complex, encouraging children to understand mathematical concepts and apply them to real-life situations. By recognizing shapes, angles, sizes, positions, and the spaces they occupy, children can gain a better understanding of the world around them.

Traditional schools introduce written numbers early on, which can be difficult for young children. Montessori Math uses physical blocks, like our Number Rods, to help children understand numbers in a more concrete way. This approach teaches them to organize numbers, comprehend space, and understand what numbers mean in real-world situations.

Enrichment Classes for Babies and Toddlers

Piper offers many enrichment classes to give your little one(s) extra opportunities to explore and to grow, such as Music, Art, and “Tinker Time”. Each class meets once/week for about an hour. These classes are a great way to get to know our school. Parents and/or caregivers are welcome. In one of our most popular classes, “Messy Art”, kiddoes who love to explore making art get the chance to play with different media and get messy! Piper believes in trusting each child’s art experience and embracing the process. Parents and students bring us their hands, fingers, and toes, and we guarantee a full sensory art experience. Sometimes, we use brushes; other times, we use sponges. We believe that there is no “one” way to experience art. And the best part?  Parents can leave the mess for us! Check out our website for more information about current enrichment programs.

For more information on Piper Preschool visit their website, and use this link to apply to Piper Preschool for FREE ($150 value)

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