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For some reason, I’ve had trouble settling on a diaper brand. I am constantly comparing them and trying new ones and researching other ones…’s all very exhausting for me, but it’s GREAT for you! Assuming you are dying to know more about diapers. Here is a brief list of the most popular (and newest/coolest) diaper brands and my thoughts on each. Regardless of how many I try, one still seems to come out on top.

Pampers – Hate the powdery smell, hate the chemicals, love the price and softness. Very few leaks. Leaves actual blue dye on my baby’s butt. Hard pass.

Huggies – NO. Just no. They’re basically identical to Pampers but more hideous prints and the blue dye left on Teddy’s butt was even more pronounced. Also – I’ve never seen anyone use them. For some reason this makes me very suspicious.

Honest – Cute prints and love that they’re non-toxic. They tend to be leakier in my experience than most other brands. **Exception is their overnight collection, which I love and is what Teddy sleeps in exclusively overnight.

Bambo Nature – Very soft and fancy and natural and Euro. Have their own sizing system which is soooo fancy and European of them. The quality is great, but not great enough to justify the price.

Parasol – I love their start-up-y-ness and I love that they call their diapers “Baby Underwear”. It’s pricey but comparable with Honest. Not quite as leaky. Cute prints but not that many of them.

Earth’s Best – HANDS DOWN my pick for best diaper – natural, non-leaky, and the price is almost the same as Pampers. They’re amazing. I also like that they’re all white. Prints are cute sometimes, but I get over them quickly. Earth’s Best can be kinda hard to find, which is the only downside. Amazon sometimes runs out of sizes I need – last time I got them on Target also carries them.  When you find em’ GET EM and get a LOT.

Many of you have probably seem ads for the NEW and IMPROVED Honest Diapers. I will be testing out these new diapers shortly and will be doing a full review on them, so stay tuned for that.

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